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Updated: Mar 25

Sid Vicious freeing himself from the oppressive tyranny of acquiring a skill, (like it was ever his problem).

It’s getting very hard  to find any posted ideas on Facebook are that are arguably more  bone-headed than most, but every now and then the stars drop into the ocean and such a miracle  occurs.  A few half-baked ideas  go far beyond the merely stupid and create  black holes in the middle of the galaxy where other stupid ideas can fall in and make the hole bigger.

One indigent soul posted recently about how “shitty” it was that activities “like singing and dancing and making art got turned into skills”  whereby “the point of doing them was to get good at them". Art was touted  as “the thing that humans do, the way birds sing and bees make hives” .   

Many responders felt this was an enlightened argument.

Welcome to 21st century Game-Boy culture, where all skillsets become vapid, AI cornflakes and dancing fools who poses no skill of any kind and never will, now dismiss real aesthetic accomplishment as a snooty conceit.  I suppose those  of us who spent most of our lives acquiring a now pointless skill were throwing away time that would have been more productively spent slam-dancing at a Buzzcocks concert.   

So, the next time I go to symphony hall they can sack the entire orchestra and replace those boring academic pedants with street people or dope addicts, or better yet hire from the ranks of mental patients. Let’s hear from those enlightened humans  who are no longer oppressed by the need to acquire any inhibiting skills.  Let them beat the kettle drums with violas and pee in the French horns.  A conductor? That symbol of rigid, 19th century repression? Hang the dictator from a balcony!   Pretty shitty that he should impose his totalitarian demand for "skill" upon a hundred native music-makers inspired by freedom.

I look forward to hearing their Mahler…. Oops. Mahler is just another aesthetic tyrant. Burn the score. Hardly anybody can decipher that shit anyhow.

How inspiring it will be when brain surgeons take such an enlightened attitude regarding their skills, doing a footloose boogie while busting open sculls with a rock  because “that’s what humans do….”

I'll tell you what humans would be doing without any skills of any kind, even those required to make a flint tool, (which are actually considerable).

Sitting in the dirt, eating bugs.

Free at last JDA

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Mar 19

Well, well. If it isn't Boomer the Gatekeeper, still living in his 20th century world of sanctified Effort. I can't believe you actually wrote this instead of downloading GripeApp to do it for you. My vote for most idiotic social media sentiment was the Twitter user who complained that her college professor was using too much academic language and chided that "this ain't yo lecture hall, bitch!" When, of course, her lecture hall is exactly what it was.

Jay Abel
Jay Abel
Mar 19
Replying to

I wrote the program for GripeApp. It's a real money-maker. JDA

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