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Hello people, I’m J. Daniel Abel. Since 1984 I've worked as a graphic and commercial illustrator, moonlighting as a professor of Art History until I retired in 2018.


Having got fed-up, years ago, with of the oppressive, academic / museum  establishment, and wishing to short-circuit the game, I built this site to be a platform for reasonably priced  “print on demand” art books for myself and a few other worthy artists. In this new digital reality, the published book can become a viable independent media for any artist.   No longer does an artist have to spent 25 large in Hong Kong to get a book printed, then lug heavy boxes of unsold inventory up the stairs and under the bed. Print on demand is inexpensive, and revision is simple. 

I also built this site to be  a display case for my 40 year career in graphic art, under "portfolio" on the home page.  


I still do it for money, god help me. Click the link below if you have an interest. I'm reasonable.


On this site you will find reviews about my books and about those of my co-conspirators, plus links to the bookstore.  

J. Daniel Abel

Our Clients

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