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Your Book is Who You Are

A potentially world-wide exhibition of whatever kind of art you make, for any reason, is now available with print on demand. To hell with the galleries and the mainstream publishers, to hell with the judges and the juries.

It's a new day my friend, and it's about time.

All you need to do is scan images into a layout program, upload, and pay the the printer for your book. $10 - $25 usually, depending on page count, B/W or color, and you're in the book business. There are many print venues out there but I don't work for any of them.

I like and I recommend them, but you can take your pick.

The purpose of this blog is to address and help establish a new community of independent artists in this vital new media, review titles, offer advise, and cultivate new collectors, god love 'em. I'll also be doing a bit of ranting and raving about this and that because I can't help myself.

Comments are always welcome, so long as they are reasonably decent. JDA

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